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Blowing machine


Blowing machine
For the very challenging field of blowing machines, we as Siemens Solution Partner trust in the very powerful SIMOTION control systems. This system does an awesome job in all sectors where high-precision movements are required. Our scalable motion control systems offer highest flexibility. Depending on the requirements it is possible to realize machines with central or distributed concepts.

We have control systems for blowing machines with chain-drive and servo drive in our portfolio. In addition, we are very proud to offer you the world’s first blowing machine with totally autarkic stations. This means every station is totally independent from all the others. If one of them has a malfunction, you can easily take it out of the blowing machine and put a spare one inside. This concept allows minimum down times.

Another focus of our control concept aims on a very comfortable operator guidance and a better transparency. We develop a tailor-made visualization for every customer with Simatic WinCC flexible. This multilingual user surface leads you very comfortable through the whole production process.

When an operator made a lot of adjustments for one kind of product it is possible to save these adjustments as a recipe and this can be opened again at any time. In addition, it is also possible to do a lot of documentation inside a recipe (temperatures and molds etc.). It is also possible to assign the stations of a blowing machine different recipes. With this it is possible to produce up to 5 different products at the same time with one blowing machine if it is necessary. Of course, we offer also remote maintenance via VPN (virtual private network) or any other technique you wish, in case the operator needs any support. That saves a lot of time and money.

We are always keen to have a close contact to our customers and like to oblige their wishes.

Following, you will find a small listing of blowing machines we have already realized with our control concept:

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