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Pot Furnace

It pays already off already in small glass factories!

Generally, it can be said that an economic benefit from plant automation can already be achieved at small glass factories with one pot furnace, one annealing furnace and one annealing lehr. Until now there have been already numerous pot furnaces, annealing furnaces, annealing lehrs, tank furnaces and filter plants equipped with control systems from Schlemmer Prozess Systeme. In doing so, it doesn’t matter if the plant runs with gas, oil or electricity or if the existing plant has been operated manually, semi-automatic or automatic.

By using such an exact regulation, which can be achieved by using our control systems, the energy consumption and the cull will be reduced. The constant and high quality which will result out of the new control system will characterize your products. The staff will be significantly relieved through automatic monitoring. Thereby the staff is available for other tasks.

Because of telephone alarming vigils are not necessary anymore. Furthermore, down times can be nearly eliminated and on malfunctions can be reacted very quick by using a sophisticated alarm and log system. Extensive documentation and protocols for ISO 9000 relieve the certification and helps with product liability. The staff gets a thrust of motivation because their place of work has been upgraded. Chart recorder and similar devices are not necessary anymore and already existing systems can be integrated into the new control system.

Small reconstructions and upgrades can also be done from local electricians due to our complete documentation. The reduction of pollutant emission increases the reputation of the plant and the company. From our experience we know, that such an investment is amortized very quick.

We automate the glass industry already a very long time. Therefore we are a competent partner for a future-oriented planning of your glass factory – from the batch plant over melting areas and glass producing machines up to warehouse management.

Following, you will find a small listing of plants we have already realized with our control concept:

  • Freiherr von Poschinger Glashütte
  • Eisch Glas
  • Sarner Cristal
  • Dresden Crystal
  • Friedrich Farbglashütte
  • Joska

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