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Quality management


Quality management
Why do I need a quality management system?

No manufacturer can afford to have a bad reputation for his products. Today we have very often such high quality standards that nearly all technical opportunities have to be used to fulfill them. In addition, there is the problem of falling prices. Therefore, product specific adjustments and controller with significant measuring data capture are the only chance to reduce production costs. It is necessary to bring all the data of all plant parts together to generate an overview with validity for future plans and calculations.
A quality management system is essential to meet this responsibility and to stay competitive for the future. These characteristics must be considered:

  • Traceability of all measured data of an article during the whole production process
  • Fast detection and tracing of manufacturing errors
  • Visual presentation of the online data on site for the operator in the production
  • Online availability of the most important production data for the management
  • Staff should be included into the process of statistic process controlling
  • Own initiative of the staff will increase, because the workplace gets an upgrade
  • Preparation of the data for the creation of the material balance
  • Preparation of the data for cost center allocation
  • Preparation of the data for piecework pay
The quality management system gets all the necessary data out of programmable logic controller. Afterwards, the data will be analyzed and shown via visualization. The displays on site in the production show always the current status of the defective goods of the corresponding machine. Thus, the machine operators have a feedback of the currently produced goods and can react on this. Another advantage is the availability of these quality data via network and servers for all the other offices (accountancy, purchase, corporate management etc.) of a company.

Following, you will find a small listing of quality management systems we have already realized with our control concept:

  • Zwiesel Kristallglas
  • Kristallglasfabrik Amberg

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