We solved already a lot of projects during our long company history. Due to these numerous projects, it is not possible for us, to give you a whole overview of these projects on one site. Therefore, you get a small listing on this page.

In addition, you can find a lot of detailed articles of our projects in the navigation on the left. We would like to underline once more, that we offer solutions for all kind of branches. Not only the ones which are listed here.

Automation and process control technology for
  • glass position detection
  • material balance sheet
  • melting tank / furnace
    (oil, gas, O2, electro, mixed)
  • overall equipment effectiveness
  • plunger
  • power regulation
  • press machine control system
  • quality management
  • reversal control
  • riser
  • sorting
  • transfer portals
  • tube control
  • alarm systems
  • annealing lehr
  • annealing lehr unloader
  • batch charger
  • batch plant
  • blowing machine control system
  • burning off machine
  • capture of production data
  • cullet return system
  • edge melting machine
  • electrode cooling
  • energy distribution
  • feeder control
  • filter plant

We offer also factory wide automation solutions!

Measuring and control systems
  • Siemens S7-300/400
  • upgrade from Simatic S5-xxx to Simatic S7
  • upgrade from TELEPERM M to SIMATIC PCS7
  • faceplate technology
  • migration of PCS7 version X to Y
  • fuzzy control systems
Process control systems
  • PCS7
  • visualization
  • recipe management
  • batch storage
  • server / client structure
  • industrial fast Ethernet
  • setup of redundant optical fiber networks
  • statistical analysis
  • data base integration
  • SAP integration
Drive technology, machine controlling and portal control
  • portal controller
Remote maintenance
  • Modem
  • ISDN
  • internet
  • intranet
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • mobile phone
Weighing technology

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