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RETROFIT Production machines


Retrofit of a production plant
The concept RETROFIT means a modernization of already existing machines and plants. Needs in higher precision, higher productivity or simply a lack in spare parts are mostly the reasons for modernizations. In the past it was mostly necessary to purchase a complete new plant to fulfill these new needs. That step was always combined with very high expenses. In addition it was very annoying most of the time, because the mechanic parts of the plant have been still in very good condition.

Now with RETROFIT the times, in which new plants must have been bought, because of new aims, like increasing the production volume and quality, higher efficiency, fulfilling of statutory provisions and to ensure the supply with spare parts, are over. Only the electronic parts of the plant, which is still in good condition, must be replaced. That means for a production machine, that the existing old control system will be replaced with a new powerful control system. In addition, it is also advisable to replace the existing sensors, actuators and motors with new ones, because newer hardware is way more accurate and power-saving.

Here is a small listing of the advantages of a RETROFIT:
  • Low investment costs
  • Bigger production volume
  • Better production quality
  • Lower costs in energy
  • No new foundations are needed
  • Low costs for staff training
  • Guaranteed supply with spare parts

Following, you will find a small listing of plants we have already modernized with our RETROFIT concept:

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