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Annealing lehr unloader


Annealing Lehr

For annealing lehr unloader a high precise controller is very important. If their movement is not 100% correct a damage of the glasses is very likely. Therefore we as Siemens Solution Partner trust in the CNC (computer numerically controlled) controller SINUMERIK.

A very big advantage of our annealing lehr unloader concept is the additional buffer lehr. In case of a malfunction of a machine next in line, the glasses can be placed and stored on the buffer lehr. Otherwise the glasses would end as shards. When the faulty machine works correct again, the buffered glasses can be used again.

CSV files can be created for every product which has been produced. In these files are all adjustments saved which has been done for this article. For the air bar and the pressure bar can be set if they are always on, always off or only on when the unloader is working. Therefore you are very flexible for all sorts of articles and adjustments. In addition the adjustments for the light barrier can be saved in the CSV files and also the processing time and the average produced articles.

We are always keen to have a close contact to our customers and like to oblige their wishes.

Following, you will find a small listing of plants we have already realized with our control concept:

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