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Mixing plant

We can offer a wide range of control systems for mixing plants from all different kind of industries e.g. food industry, chemicals industry, glass industry. Our control systems make a big contribute to the compliance of quality, costs and time aims in every kind of branch. By means of such a control system, which is combined with a HMI system (human machine interface), any number of silos or storage tanks can be controlled. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between these silos and weigh a required charge. From then on you can also use the option to mix the charges together. This sequence can be done manually or automatically. In addition it is also possible to save recipes in the batch administration. These recipes can be loaded and started from the batch administration at any time you wish. That makes the operation of such a plant a lot easier.

Mixing plant, Silo, Batch
These features can be integrated additionally:
  • Overall equipment efficiency
  • Creation of production plans
  • Verification of manufacturing
  • Master data and time registration
  • Batch card
  • Batch report
  • Material management
  • E mail or phone notification
  • Cleaning and service management
  • Free configuration of automatic journals and malfunction categorization
  • Data exchange with business-management systems (SAP, Excel, etc.)

The overall equipment efficiency is a very mighty tool. It is possible to monitor the efficiency of every single part of your plant with the OEE. The specialty of this system is to identify and analyze the losses of the plant and these losses can be reduced with a verified action plan.

In addition, a lot of other handy functions can be integrated. For example, it is possible to log the material usage. Now, a minimum amount for every raw material can be set in the system. In case, this minimum amount isn’t in stock anymore, the system sends automatically an order to the supplier.

A weight note can be created automatically by means of a calibrated scale combined with our control systems. The big advantage of this system is that the weighing notes can also be used for creating a bill. This bill can also be sent directly to the business-management system (SAP etc.) of your company. Therefore no administrative costs occur, because everything was done by our control system.

We are always keen to have a close contact to our customers and like to oblige their wishes.

Following, you will find a small listing of plants we have already realized with our control concept:

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